My Topic: Brief description!

As I was smashing my head against my wall this weekend, not literally mind you, while trying to figure out what I want this research paper to be about, a question kept lingering.  What exactly is faith?  I mean we are a “Christian” nation, but we all practice Christianity differently.  Then, the thought occurred to me, “I bet we have changed Chrisitan beliefs over time.”  So my research question is as follows:  Have we, America, ruined Christianity?  I plan to research how churches have changed over history.  And I plan to find while doing research if the change was for the better or worse.  My thesis will then state that fact.

I have thought about who I want my community partner to be.  His name is Pastor Brian Whitta.  He comes from different church backgrounds and has studied the churches in the bible in depth.  I think he would be an excellent resource!  I know I would definitely be able to interview. 

As of right now, I can see myself looking at three areas of church.  The first area is fakeness vs. sincerity.   This topic talks about whether we have grown more towards attending church because we really want to or because our parents, or some other outside pressure, are making us.  The second area is self-righteous vs. humility.  This issue deals with how open churches are to outsiders coming in.  I haven’t quite determined the third issue yet.  So that one will be a surprise!  🙂

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