Peer Review

I really like the peer review part of this course.  I have found the reviews of my peers very helpful.  I also like how I learn from just reading other people’s papers.  For example, while reading someone else’s paper, I got an idea about what to add to my paper.  I also learn different  ways to handle wording and organization.  I also just like reading different ideas!  The feedback I find most helpful is the part of the review that is labeled “problem.”  I like how it forces us to be real with each other and say what we find as a weakness in the paper.  The only way I can make the weak parts stronger is if someone tells me they are weak in the first place!  I have a hard time pinpointing which feedback I find least helpful.  I really like to take any feedback I can get!  I would have to say that the feedback I get from the professional is probably more helpful than the peer reviews.  This shouldn’t be taken personal, however, seeing how they are PROFESSIONAL tutors.  I think both feedbacks are very important!

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