Santa Claus: Friend or Foe?

Imagine yourself lying in bed at night.  The darkness is hovering over your eyes willing you to sleep.  In that instant, you hear a noise outside your bedroom.  You open your eyes but, of course, see nothing but black.  The noise continues, and your heart starts racing.  You shiver as the realization dawns on you that the noise is coming from an uninvited someone inside your house.  You’re terrified.  Mr. Santa Claus is that very person that has broken into your house this last Christmas Eve.  He has terrorized the good people of this planet enough!  I purpose that we, as a society, search out this criminal and call for his immediate arrest due to the facts that he shows suspicious behavior towards our children, is a bad example, and has broken the law.
I can hear the mob already lining up at my door.  Their torches and pitchforks are clanking against my sidewalk while the shouts reach and ring in my ear, “He’s a good man!��?  But is he?  In reality, Mr. Claus displays suspicious behavior toward our children.  According to Nancy Crew’s book, <em>Action to Murder</em>, crime rates would lower substantially if parents would pay closer attention to the people paying attention to their children (Crew).  Let’s look at Michael Jackson for instance.  He was found innocent on the charges filed against him.  Now, why was he faced with charges to begin with?  It was because he was paying attention to children that he had no connection with.  We, as a society, were all over him for that one.  He was embarrassed to even show his face in public.  In the public eye, he was not found innocent, but guilty.  Why are we then, being made blind to the fact that Mr. Claus is showing us the exact same type of behavior?  Parents tell their children not to take candy from strangers, but then let a complete stranger come into their house giving their children “presents.��?
The next scream from the mob leaks through my door, “But Santa’s a good example.  He’s a good role model for our kids!��?  My reply is that Mr. Claus is a bad example to Americans regarding weight management.  Every “Santa��? we see in stores has the same characteristics (Juno).  He is always really heavy. We need to take the <em>Health No More Journal</em> seriously when it states that the obesity problem in America is no longer minor, but as frequent as the common cold (Lipps).  Our children idolize their heroes.  If we let this man get away with the actions he is committing what is that saying to our kids.  We are making Mr. Claus a hero in their eyes.  According to “Influence and health,��? children’s weights are predicted by merely looking at their role models. (Griffin).  2 out of 5 kids say that they want to be like Santa, who is guessed to be weighed at 470 pounds (Beberg).  However, we think that makes him a good influence?
The last attempt of the crowd hits my ears, “But he just wants to bring happiness!��?  But Mr. Claus has broken the law.  According to <em>December Law</em>, Santa has broken into more houses than any thief in the history of existence (Faddle).  His intentions should not matter.  For example, a local man called the nearest bank and told the receptionist that he was going to be dropping by to rob the bank.  “Don’t worry, I just need the money,��? he said to her.  “Have it ready for me when I come, and I won’t even need my gun” (Phillips).  Upon arriving on the scene, the man realized that the police officers in that city were all too ready to haul him to jail.  A reporter interviewed a police officer on the scene and he stated, “It’s a real shame. That robbery would have probably been the nicest bank robbery in the history of bank robberies” (Phillips).  However, as we are all aware, intentions mean nothing when it comes to the law.  When the law is broken, there has to be consequences.  The day we start running our justice system based on intentions is the day it falls to the ground.  If we let one person be above the law, everyone will be.
This man has displayed behavior that is unacceptable.  He’s a bad example for people and displays suspicious behavior towards our children.  He has already broken the law, and it has got to stop.  I’m calling for all people to make a stand with me to put a stop to this criminal behavior before someone gets hurt.  What are we waiting for?  You no longer have to be that man, woman or child who is terrorized by someone sneaking around uninvited in your house.  Let us arrest this bandit and finally have some peace during Christmas.
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