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Upon reading Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography, the part where he discusses his conquest to conquer virtue, I just stopped and sat there in silence for a long while.  I am one of those people who try to be the best they can be, but after reading his ideas I began to wonder if I’m trying hard enough.  The virtue that he stated that I think is my best is the justice one.  And he states, “Justice: Wrong none, by doing Injuries or omitting the Benefits that are your duty.”  I think this one is my best because I don’t like hurting people.  I am, of course, talking both physically and emotionally.  In fact, when looking at it from the opposite perspective, I love making people feel good.  So if I can give you a compliment, I’m not going to withhold it from you.   And I’m not going to cause you injury.

The one on his list that I feel like I’m a total failure is the industry one.  “Industry: Lose no time- Be always employed in something useful. And cut off all unnecessary actions.”  Well I don’t know about you readers but as for me, there are alot of activities I do for the fun of it.  I mean I like reading a good book!  Is that book going to benefit me later?  Probably not.  Sometimes, I like watching TV too, and some of my shows have no real value.  I just like watching them.

I don’t know if the way he kept track of his progress was all that, what’s the word, truthful.  I mean, I think he probably tried his best to be honest, but I think one will find the true answers to how we act by asking those around us.  I do think there is some value though.  I think it’s good to keep ourselves accountable to our decisions.  So him keeping track like he did was keeping him accountable to himself every day.

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  1. Nick March 26, 2010

    Well I am glad that you don’t like hurting people. That is one less thing that I’ll worry about haha. I like your viewpoints on things.


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