12 thoughts on “Looking for a refresher course for physical therapist assistants?”

  1. I have been out of the PTA workforce since 2003 because of not passing my boards. Would it be possible to send me additional information to my email above or by mail:

    Darin Campbell
    1222 Safari Drive
    St. Joseph, MO 64506

    Thank you very much.

  2. I’ve taken the NPTAE 3 times and I’m going in for my next set of 3 tries in October will this course help me in unerstanding my areas of weakness? Is this only for PTA’s who have passed the exam or can new graduates or existing graduates trying to pass the nationals take this course?

  3. Most who take the course have attempted the boards in the past but have not been successful. The course is designed to help identify weaknesses in content and test-taking and teach you how to remedy those weaknesses.

  4. I graduated in 1999 and failed exam. What are the benefits of taking this online course using PTA Exam Study Guide by Giles vs. just studying the book alone? Just asking b/c I have seen several online courses that charge high fees and I can barely pay to retake the exam. Do you have any testimonials posted?

  5. This course would be beneficial for someone who valued the structure of a course and feedback from an instructor and peers. The review book by itself is excellent and a self-motivated student can certainly benefit from studying the book alone. Another benefit of taking the course is that students who struggle with test-taking will receive guidance on improving test scores. If you are interested in input from past students who have taken the course, please contact me via e-mail at j.worley@lsc.edu.

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