Details About the Course

PTA Basic Refresher Course (2 credits – PTA 2780)

Offered online each semester; for current offerings or to register, go to Lake Superior College’s course schedule (or, go to LSC’s home page at and click on “course schedule”)

The course is offered spring and fall semesters and runs for 16 weeks.    Questions?  View the FAQ (link on the top of this page).

Course Details:

1.  Within a given unit (usually two weeks long), students complete course assignments and readings at their own pace, and they are encouraged to follow the weekly class schedule (see below) so as not to fall behind.
2.  The course is held completely online, so RELIABLE high-speed access to the internet is required.
3.  There is no set time of day or day of the week that students need to be online, although students should plan to spend at least 8-10 hours per week studying for the course and completing course assignments.
4.  **The longer time out of the field, the more time a student will need to spend studying and reviewing.  This course is the first step for those out of the field for many years; it may not be the only step you need to take to refresh your knowledge and re-enter the field.
5.  Interaction with the instructor and other students occurs via e-mail and a course discussion board, organized by week and topic.
6.  Students submit assignments via discussion board posting, assignments dropbox and by completing quizzes.   Instructions are provided.  Basic computer skills are expected.
Course Outcomes Assessment Methods
1. Student will be able to describe data collection techniques used by the PTA. Class discussion, written assignment
2. Student will be able to discuss current treatment modalities used in physical therapy, including application, indications, and contraindications. Class discussion, written assignment
3. Students will be able to describe and discuss current theories related to physical therapy treatment for patients with a wide range of diagnoses, including those in specialized settings such as school systems. Class discussion, written assignment
4. Students will be able to discuss legal and ethical aspects of current physical therapy practice. Class discussion, written assignment

**Detailed Class Schedule (including content covered each week) – this is approximate and subject to change

Prerequisites: graduate of CAPTE-accredited physical therapist assistant program or consent of instructor.  We take your word for this, and it is not required that you send a transcript.  The course is also taken as a graduation requirement for LSC PTA Military bridge students.

Text, References, and supplies: PTAEXAM: The Complete Study Guide, by Scott Giles (2022 edition); available through (cost is approximately $85).  Book should be purchased directly from Scorebuilders prior to the start of the class.  This book is not available in the LSC bookstore.  Students in the PTA Military Bridge Program should view course announcements within the D2L orientation for a discount code for this book.

To register for the course, go to:  VISIT THE FAQ PAGE (link above) if you need help registering.

For more information about the course itself, please contact Heidi Ramsdell via e-mail at heidi.ramsdell@lsc.eduFor technical difficulties with registration, please call the LSC Help Desk at (218) 733-1016 during daytime hours.  Please read the FAQ first.