Average Satisfaction Scores

The basic PSOL has used the same 26 questions during all four of the survey administrations that we have conducted here at LSC. I decided to make a few simple calculations that are not normally made by Noel-Levitz.

One thing that they do with the data is aggregate them into five separate categories, such as Enrollment Services, Academic Services, etc. It seemed to me that you could also get an overall feel for student satisfaction by calculating the average satisfaction score of all 26 items. This simple average seems somewhat relevant to me as a measure of overall student satisfaction, and is probably more relevant than a couple of the PSOL overall satisfaction survey questions – such as whether their expectations have been met, exceeded, or not.

PSOL chart of average student ratings for four years
The chart above (click to enlarge) indicates the average scores over the four survey periods for students of LSC Online. I think it’s instructive to see that the average satisfaction score has increased each time on a year-over-year comparison. I realize that there is still an issue about whether the rights things (most important ones) are increasing in satisfaction rating, but I do think that this is still something worth paying attention to.

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