Desire2Learn Scores High in Reliability

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The chart below shows the results over the past three years to the following statement:

The online course delivery platform (Desire2Learn or D2L) is reliable. (click photo to enlarge)

D2L reliability chart from PSOL

The PSOL is the main instrument that we use to gather information from students about the online programs and services that we provide. In two of the last three years, reliability of the VLE platform (we all use Desire2Learn) has been rated as the most important factor out of the 30 (31 this year) questions asked of all students. The satisfaction rating (6.01 in 2008), is also one of the highest scoring. This year it comes in with the 2nd highest satisfaction rating out of 31 statements, with first place going to “Registration for online courses is convenient.” (rating of 6.21)

I realize that the reliability factor does not capture all of the pertinent information about a VLE, but clearly it is an important one. Credit for the high student ratings goes both to Desire2Learn for the product development as well as to the MnSCU Office of the Chancellor staff who actually host and troubleshoot the service for our several hundred thousand user account holders.

Congratulations are in order for these high marks related to student satisfaction.

NOTE: the survey uses a 7 point scale where 6.0 is satisfied, 7.0 is very satisfied, 5.0 is somewhat satisfied, and 4.0 is neutral. The other 29 items rated below the D2L item ranged in satisfaction scores from 5.96 to 5.12.

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