7 de marzo, lunes

FREE DAY!! YAY!  This came at a good time.  We needed a break from all the bus rides, tours, and shopping.  We got up a bit later, then Bridg and I thought we would try to go to Café Nuevo Mundo, a coffee shop that comes highly recommended.  By the time we got there it was after 11 am, so we decided to go tour the public library by the zócalo.  It was a different sort of building – there was a different room for each type of literature/book.  Bridg and I stopped in the Oaxacan history room, the children’s room, and the general collection rooms upstairs.  We noticed that the entire collection, so matter which room, was very dated.  We didn’t find any books published after 1992, and the ‘computer lab’ had 10 yr. old technology and older.  The best part of the tour was talking to a really cute older librarian in the general collection room.  She was a retired social studies teacher who volunteers in the library and was pleased as punch to talk with us.  Bridg and I ate quick at Tito’s, which is kind of like Culvers, only I had enchiladas suizas instead of a butter burger.  I hiked fast to a cooking class at Le Crespo, a restaurant, but found out the owner was sick and cancelled class.  So I went back to the hotel to “work” but didn’t get much done (go figure).  Me, Tim, Sonny, Michele, Janet, Betsy, Bridg, and Anne went to dinner to the tastiest pizza place ever.  It was by Santo Domingo, and I had a small pizza with onions, green peppers, mushrooms and pumpkin blossoms.  And two beers.  It was really good – I gave a few pieces away.  I think everyone was jealous of my pizza. J    Free days feel good.

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