6 de marzo, domingo

Today was a very busy day, and most were exhausted by the end of it.  We went to see the cuchinile farm (little bugs that live on prickly pear cacti and are crushed to make red dye for weaving and whatnot.  But it was closed.  Nice planning.  Then we went to a teeny market and watched a short demonstration of weaving, and were encouraged to buy bags, belts, placemats, etc.  I looked around, but didn’t buy anything.  It ended up being an expensive day anyway, as after that we went to the abriejas place.  We watched another demonstration that involved how they dry, carve, and paint the sculptures.  I bought a $380 oso, a bear that is painted with all kinds of zapotec designs using not the cheap acrylic paint, but the natural stuff made from plants, clay, bugs, etc.  I could have bought something much cheaper, but I wanted some kind of really nice souvenir for the trip.  After that, we went to the black pottery (barro negro?) and saw another demonstration to see how that was made, and it was pretty cool.  I then bought a big skull for the boys, two votive holders to go on a table, and a nice vase for me and a matching one for my sister, all for $500 pesos.  Really, a good deal.  I am just nervous that all this stuff will break, so I have it packed tightly in my carryon and won’t let anyone touch it until I get home.  I hope security doesn’t go through it at the airport and mess it all up. Even after all that, we still went out to eat.  ).  We went out for dinner that night at Café Gozobi, another rooftop restaurant, and it’s been my favorite so far.  I had a delicious margarita, a yummy spinach salad with bacon and caramelized nuts, and some fettucini alfredo.  The atmosphere and the company (outside on top of a roof by Santo Domingo) with Bridg, Betsy, Janet, and Anne was just the best time ever.  After dinner, me, Lalo, Tim, Sonny, and Michele went to a patio bar on the zócalo to people watch and listen to music.  There was a band playing in support of adult education.  I discovered my new favorite after dinner drink, called Licor 43.  It looks like Grand Marinier but tastes like an orange creamsicle.  Another good night!

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