Things i love about teaching

  1. the sincere nods when students “get it”
  2. wrinkled faces, a pause, followed by the “OH, I get it!!”
  3. the light bulb moments (see above)
  4. having an office (not sure why I like this but I do)
  5. having fun, laughing while in class (fun and class do not need to be mutually exclusive)
  6. coming up with new ideas and then finding out they work
  7. summer (so nice to have a starting and and ending to each year)
  8. when past students come back to say hi and they’ve found career/life happiness
  9. the way my schedule meshes with my kids, so I can be part of their school lives too
  10. seeing students as excited about learning as I am
  11. making connections with students
  12. grading papers (OK, that’s an outright lie)

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  1. meldeca August 21, 2007

    Nice, thanks for being my first “blogger”. Enjoy your page on things to love about teaching.


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