Student and Faculty Projects


Student and faculty projects – please enjoy these projects completed by physical therapist assistant students and faculty at Lake Superior College, Duluth, MN.

Interventions  Other
INTERVENTIONS  TRANSFERS Cranial Nerve Rap for Memorization 
 What is a Skill Check? Partial Weight Bearing & Full Weight Bearing Transfers Plyometrics – Overview
Paraffin Skill Check  Non-Weight Bearing Transfer Abnormal Tone
Diathermy How to use a Mechanical Lift Primitive Reflexes
Tilt Table

Tilt Table #2



 Two Step Mantoux
Ice Massage Skill Check

Contrast Bath 

Walker Ambulation Pediatric positioning and handling
 Biofeedback Crutch training on level surfaces and steps – PWB – link not working Hand Washing Skill Check


Standing Frame Skill Check


Standing Frame (2)


Mechanical Lumbar Traction Skill Check

 SEC and Quad Cane Kinesiology Palpation Skill Check

Kinesiology Palpation Skill Check

Palpation Skill Check 2

Foot and Ankle Palpations

Hot Pack Skill Check  demo #1


Hot Pack Skill Check demo #2




How to use the LiteGait

 RANGE OF MOTION and STRETCHING Ankle Sprain Rehab – Proprioception and Agility

Special Tests for the Knee and Ankle

Using a Nu-Step


How to Use the SoloStep 


Passive Range of Motion – Lower Extremities DATA COLLECTION
Assessing Girth, Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Pump, and Ace Wrapping a Limb

Resistance Exercise

Passive Range of Motion – Upper Extremities

Clip 2 – UE PROM


Hand-held Dynamometry

MMT and goniometry skill check

Manual Muscle Testing

Neck & Trunk MMT Skill Check

Neck, Trunk, UE/LE MMT Skill Check



Immersion Ultrasound


Ultrasound Skill Check

Neck/trunk PROM skill check



Neck/Trunk PROM Stretching


Cervical Traction Skill Check

Assessing Lumbar AROM

Assessing Cervical AROM

Whirlpool Skill Check Nerve stretches – ulnar, radial, median, sciatic, femoral Measuring finger AROM

Measuring Thumb ROM

LE Goniometry

UE Goniometry

Lumbar Traction 

Cervical Traction

Supportive Taping Techniques

PNF-Active Stretching


Passive Stretching (Cervical/Trunk)

UE Passive Stretching

LE Passive Stretching

Assessing Vital Signs


Sensation Skill Check

Balance/Coordination Skill Check MASSAGE and STM
Use of the STIWELL biofeedback device  Massage Skill Check

Massage Skill Check #2

Massage Skill Check #3

Demo of Massage and STM techniques (poor sound)

STM Techniques (Back and Neck)









Use of the BalanceMaster for a patient with an UMN disorder Skill Check Videos from Brightwood (Dallas, TX)
Use of the BalanceMaster for proprioceptive rehab after ACL surgery Information about the PTA 1411 (Procedures 1) research paper Orientation to the LSC PTA Clinic for Prospective PTA Students
How to Become Licensed as a PTA PTA Program Comprehensive Exam Policies – Overview Overview of LSC PT Clinic for Prospective Patients
Information about PTA 2680 Video Assignments (Military Bridge students)


How to Complete the PTA 1460 (Kinesiology 1) Motion Analysis Assignment

How to Job Shadow in the LSC PT Clinic 

Attending Legislative Day 

Service Learning project explained 

How to succeed in the PTA program


How to be Prepared and Professional 

How to create a WebPT daily note

 PT and PTA Communication


PT/PTA Relationship

Components of an Effective Patient Interview How to Access, Complete, and Sign-Off on the PTA CPI (Web version)
PTA Club Writing a Paper
Cleaning a Whirlpool How to be a Volunteer in LSC PT Clinic




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