Increases in Student Satisfaction

Since we used the PSOL for three years in a row, we are able to study trends and changing attitudes. Of course we’re also looking for evidence of satisfaction increases that might come from improvements in services that we have tried to implement. This post is intended to simply look at the overall changes in the 26 basic items in the PSOL. Looking at the directions and magnitudes of the changes in the items we see this overall picture:

  • 5 items showed decreased satisfaction (nothing greater than a .07 decrease)
  • 1 item showed no change
  • 5 items showed increased satisfaction of less than .10 rating points
  • 15 items showed increased satisfaction of .10 or greater (12 were .14 or greater)

I selected a .10 increase in rating points as significant, although a case can be made that it takes a bit more than that (maybe .14 or .15) to show a truly significant increase in the level of satisfaction.

The two charts below show those items that had the greatest increases in student satisfaction from 2004 to 2006.

chart 1 - PSOL satisfaction increases

The full survey text of the items above:

26. The bookstore provides timely service to students. (.39 increase)
14. I receive timely information on the availability of financial aid. (.37 increase)
10. This institution responds quickly when I request information. (.26 increase)

The next three highest increases are shown below.

chart 2 - PSOL satisfaction increases

The full survey text of the three items above:

23. Billing and payment procedures are convenient for me.
05. My program advisor helps me work toward career goals.
16. Appropriate technical assistance is readily available.

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  1. Hi Barry, Did not know you had this blog until today. I sure admire your energy and committment to blogging. Wish everyone was playing with the PSOL data with same level of expertise and enthusiasm you display here!

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