Why Study Political Science

Why Study Political Science?

Are you interested in understanding how government at all levels makes decisions about what to spend money on, and how to pay for it? Curious about how laws that affect your life each and every day came into being? Do you wish that you knew more about how the American system of democracy works—or doesn’t work? Study political science at Lake Superior College to learn these things and many more. As a citizen, you have both a duty and an obligation to study political science and be a more engaged participant in our democracy. Life in this democracy comes with certain rights and clear responsibilities—the study of political science will help you to better understand those rights and to more effectively fulfill those responsibilities.

Aristotle–a philosopher and citizen of the city-state of Athens–is credited with coining the term zoon politikon, which translates as “political animal.” He was convinced that human beings living in societies were by their very nature and circumstances—political beings. But the small scale and short-lived Athenian experiment in demokratia does little to inform us of how a large, bureaucratic democracy works today. For that—we must study political science.

Political Science is the study of governmental institutions, systems, and processes—from the local meetings of your city council to the global gatherings of the G-8 or the United Nations Security Council. Whatever your personal interests in politics—whether you are interested in how zoning restrictions are managed in Duluth or what is being done to address global climate change—you can find the answers by taking courses in political science at LSC.

College students should realize and keep in mind that “knowledge is power” in this 21st century world. The Greek, Latin, and later French and English languages all include the word idiot, the original meaning of which is quite telling—“a person lacking professional skills, an ordinary person, an uneducated or ignorant person.” Don’t be an idiot—study political science at LSC.

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