Human Anatomy & Physiology II Audio Lectures

Intro to the Endocrine System

Endocrine 2

Endocrine 2b

Endocrine 3

Endocrine 4

Endocrine 5

Endocrine 6

Endocrine 6b

Endocrine 7

Endocrine 7b

Endocrine 8

Endocrine 9

Blood Functions

Blood Cell Formation

RBC Shape


RBC Recycling

O2 Transport

Intro to WBCs

WBC Types 1

WBC Types



Blood Typing 1

Blood Typing 2

Rh Blood Type

Heart Anatomy

Pulmonary & Systemic Systems

Layers of the Heart

Fetal Heart Modifications

Cardiac Muscle

APs and the Heart

Cardiac Cycle

Heart Volumes

Cardiac Output

Extrinsic Controls of the Heart

Intrinsic Controls of the Heart

Diseases of the Heart 1

Diseases of the Heart 2

Intro to Blood Pressure

Physiological Effects on BP

Additional Measures of BP

Venous Return

Capillary Exchange 1

Capillary Exchange 2

Vascular Regulation

Intrinsic Effects on BP

Extrinsic Controls and BP

Hormones Influence on BP

Lymphatic System

Immune System Overview

Nonspecific Defenses Part 1

Nonspecific Defenses Part 2

Nonspecific Defenses Part 3

Nonspecific Defenses Part 4

Specific Defenses Part 1


Review of TCell Types

B Cells

Immune Terms

Natural Killer Cells

Lifespans of Leukocytes

Process of Lymphocyte Activation

Antibody Response Time

Ways to Aquire Specific Immunity 1

Ways to Aquire Specific Immunity 2

Ways to Aquire Specific Immunity 3

Problems with the Immune System

Stress and the Immune System

Functions of the Respiratory System

Anatomy of the Respiratory System


Ventilation 2

Respiratory Terms

Gas Exchange

Partial Pressures

How Oxygen is Transported

Loading Reactions

Hemoglobin’s Affinity for Oxygen

How Carbon dioxide is Transported

Breathing Regulation

Functions of the Digestive System

Digestive Tract & Accessory Organs


Pharynx and Esophagus

Esophagus and Stomach

Important Cells of the Stomach

Small Intestine 1

Small Intestine 2

Small Intestine 3 & Large Intestine

Accessory Organs, Pancrease

Liver 1

Liver 2


Metabolism and Energetics

Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia

Glucose Regulation

Functions of the Hormone Glucagon


Functions of the Urinary System

Urinary System Anatomy & Physiology

Metabolic Wastes

Renal Function Overview

1 Filtration

2 Filtration

1 Reabsorption

2 Reabsorption

3 Reabsorption


Collecting System

Fluids & Electrolytes Intro

2 Fluid & Electrolyte Intro

Blood Volume & Blood Pressure

Hormonal Control of BV

2 Hormonal Control of BV

3 Hormonal Control of BV

4 Hormonal Control of BV

Intro to Acid Base Regulation

PH Control by Buffers

Bicarbonate Buffer Equation

PH Control by Respiration

PH Control by Kidneys

Medical Conditions and PH Balance

Sodium, Potassium and Hydrogen Balance

Female Repro Tract

2 Female Repro Tract

Layers of the Uterus

Patch of Douglas

Vagina and Vulva

Additional Structures

Male Repro Tract

Testes and Epididymis

Vas Deferens

Male Accessory Glands

Role of Urethra




LH and FSH

Mammary Glands


1 Female Repro Cycle

2 Female Repro Cycle

Ovarian Cycle

Endometrial Cycle

How is Menses Triggered

First Stages of Development


Neural Tube Formation

1 Placental

2 Plancenta

Embryo and Fetus

Multiple Pregnancies



Stages of Labor

Neonatal Period

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