sábado 12 marzo

So here I am, on the plane home.  I probably won’t get home until after midnight, and unfortunately, it is the spring forward weekend and I will lose an hour with my wonderful family tomorrow. L  Someday I think it would be wonderful to take my children and husband to Oaxca, or maybe even Puebla.  Would I go on this trip again?  No.  Will I travel with students again?  Not unless I have the role of chaperone.  There was so much drama on the trip.  I didn’t let it overshadow my good time, but it certainly affected it.  Many of the students, whether young (18-22) or older (35 and 57, respectively), created a lot of problems for themselves and the group as a whole, and it’s not something I want to deal with if I am spending a bunch of money and ten days away from my family.  I saw wonderful culture and history, I learned about myself, and I improved my Spanish quite a bit.  It was a good learning experience – both for what I would do and not do again when I travel.

Here ends my story.

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