The Omelas

I really, really enjoyed the story in chapter 3 The ones who wald away fro Omelas. There were times when I even laughed at the story, until I got to the end. The discription of the child in the basement room creeped me out immensly. It made me think a lot. I wondered if the author was drawing a very extreme comparison to our own society. That the rules of economics say that there always has to be poor, and there always have to be rich. That it does not work having everything and everyone be equal. I also wondered if I would walk away from Omelas. I like to think that I would. Its easy to see a situation and consider yourself noble and think that you would be to enraged to let one person suffer for your own happiness in such a direct way, but I can’t help but wonder if I lived in such a happy place, that I would just pretend that child didn’t exist or make excuses to feel better about the situation.

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  1. carmen222 February 18, 2009

    It would be a incredibly tough decision. I like to think I have a strong will.. At the start of the story I wished I could be in this place… But then I saw the dark parts. I think all I could do would be to walk away.


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