You are too stupid

    I was immediately drawn to the graphic on page 22 from the consumer freedom group. While I do not feel it is ok for the government to tax certain kinds of foods, I also get the feeling that this consumer freedom poster may have been funded by the fast food industry. Of course thats just speculation on my part but who else would care this much. I think the point of this poster is to offend you and hopefully you will direct that offense toward the government that wants to tax foods that will clog your arteries and give you diabetes down the road. In fact, what this poster does is make me mad at fast food and the so called Center for consumer freeedom. I feel like they are talking down to me and using very harsh and direct language to make me feel a certain way, instead of giving me the facts and allowing me to make an informed desicion. I’m sure this will work on someone, somewhere. I don’t doubt this has enraged people who are sensative about government oversight of things. I know it made me think though.  I hope everyone would stop and think about this message instead of blindly reacting to the initial feeling about being called stupid.

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  1. alsweene January 30, 2009

    i would have to agree with you that the point that they are trying to make is to offend you and that what draws you to the poster is the title, You are stupid.

    Nice blog entry!

  2. madenney January 30, 2009

    I suppose being funded by the fast food industry is a logical conclusion. ha ha. I agree that people need to know the health issues that this life style can cause.

  3. Ashlee January 30, 2009

    I didn’t really care much for the graphic…I felt it was one sided and full of opinions. I too much rather here the facts without the one sided judgement. It did not effectively persuade those on the opposing side to view their point of view. They only got people who already agreed with them to continue agreeing with them.


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