Becoming a US citizen

   I enjoyed Eva Paus account of what she felt the day she became a US citizen. I can imagine that there is some kind of excitment and expectation at the end of the long process of naturalization. I was disappointed when she was a little let down with the limited idea of citizenship she was hearing. I’m sure the peice gave others something to think about. Some people do see being actively critical and voicing a strong opinion as part of the responsability of a citizen. Certainly any protestor would agree with that. Many people excersize this right without even realizing it. When George Bush wrote that voting was essential to being a citizen, what Eva may not have realized is that we do express dissent, through the voting process. Thats what we do everytime the government lets us down, we vote them out of office.

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  1. jeotten January 30, 2009

    What I really liked too about his article was that it was interesting, and still written from back in the day. In my history classes I have a hard time reading some of the articles from the past because they are awkward and words were used differently, his you could actually read, and better yet, understand.


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