Me and My Peers

In doing peer reviews for this project I learned how many of my classmates felt about not just candidates but particular issues. In just coming out of a class that we had to do a lot of peer reviews in, I feel I did my best to be objective and fair. I also felt it necessary to explain why I said what I did, so that there would be less confusion for the person getting reviewed. The only thing that I struggled with, while doing the reviews, was to remain objective when I was reviewing someone’s paper about a candidate that I didn’t agree with. I feel that the proposals I read showed different ways of approaching a subject and relaying that subject matters to others. It will definitely give me ideas for future work as well as this current assignment.

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  1. dalagest November 3, 2010

    Way to remian objective, man. We don’t have a lot of good examples in politics or the media of people being objective, but that’s really the way we all need to be.


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