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Food for thought

“There is joy in understanding; pain in ignorance”. These words written in Steve Dalager’s story, A note to college students, can have a broad and deep meaning for many individuals. How one interprets the world around them is largely based on what they understand. A simple example would be, how well do you enjoy a joke if you don’t understand the punch line. Also, how much do you really enjoy a documentary about beetles if you have a fear of them that makes you want to have nothing to do with bugs? You may feel left out of the joke, or completely uninterested in the documentary. If that same joke was put into a context that you understand, and if you watched that documentary which had information that alleviated your fear of bugs both may be more enjoyable for you. I believe what the statement and the story are trying to convey is that knowledge is power as well as peace of mind.

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True and Notso

When I was a kid I went to Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama. It was one of the most memorable experiences from my childhood.

After researching my biological family on I followed my family line back to Germany and actually found distant relatives still living there. I have made contact with some of them and look forward to getting to know more about them.

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The wisdom of understanding

What makes a person wise? I look at wisdom as the ability to understand your environment and being able to relate those experiences to others. My Uncle Les is the wisest person I know, in this respect. His compassion and understanding is based on his own life experiences. Though he is not a saint by any stretch of the imagination, he does offer advice and counsel to anyone that is willing to listen. Drawing from lessons learned from his own life, he has vast knowledge and skill that he is willing to share with anyone wanting to learn. Is he the smartest person I know? Most likely he isn’t.   Whether a person is wise or not is not based on how smart a person is necessarily, in my opinion, but how they empower those around them to be their best.

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