4 de marzo, viernes

Hola!  It’s day two of our Oaxacan adventure, and I am still alive!  Es un miracle!  Today was actually very nice.  Here’s the run down:  Breakfast (scrambled eggs w/ham and chile powder, fruit, tortilla con frijoles, hot dog (sausage) and FRESH SQUEEZED o.j.!!! ) Then we went on a walking tour:  Santo Domingo Cathedral (baroque, biggest in Oaxaca), the cultural museum, the zoocalo, the chocolate factory, el mercado, lunch (on the zoocalo with chicken tacos, beer, coca, and chapulines!!  then shopping, and back to the hotel for a dip.  Finally, organized stuff for the orphans, skyped Ricky (my favorite part of the day) and went to a delish dinner.  I had sangria, wine, insalata mezzaluna, y pizza con agrula, tomate y proscuitto.  Things I bought today (besides the food):  a bark painting for $8, 2 bottles water (1.60 pesos), and 2 boxes of chocolate bar/mixes to take back to the boys (150 pesos).  It has been a busy day and I am tired, so goodnight!

3 de marzo, jueves

Hola!  I have had this blog now for over a year, but never had time to blog it!  So now that I am forced to keep a journal (dang, guess I know how my students feel!) I shall use some of this marvelous technology.

I am in Oaxaca, Mexico with the study abroad LSC trip, and I am psyche-iolaed to be here!  The group on the trip is getting along fabulously, and while today was just a travel day, we have had a lot of fun.  Plane ride – 4 hrs. + bus ride – 6 hrs.  + mess around time – 5 hrs. = one really long day!!  However, we are now in our cutie room.  My lovely roommates, Sandy P. and Susana D. and I are talking about the evils of WI Gov. Walker and how hard it is to survive in the US on a minimum wage, no benefits job.  It’s a very uplifting conversation!

But I digress.  We have spent almost all our time in Mexico so far in the bus.  Much of what we have seen for living conditions has been pretty deplorable – which is usually the case when traveling near major roads, but we had a nice stop at a rest area and spoke some Spanish (or least tried to) with some of the people working at the snack shops/small eateries.  It was a hoot, and it’s the first time I have traveled abroad and not worried about feeling embarrassed because I don’t know much the language.  I’ve decided I”m just going to have fun and learn a lot while I’m down here, and enjoy every minute of it.

So good night- I need my beauty sleep!