Sustainability Council Meeting

March 1st, 2019

9:00 – 10:30

S-1913 Student Services Conference Room


Governing Core Members present: Mike M., Randy, Dave, Cliff, Nate, Jenna, Mary, Mike F, Deanne, Theresa, Heather, Kristi, Mark

General Members present:  



9th Annual St. Louis River Summit  at UWS – March 5-6

Protecting Duluth’s Green Space – A Public Forum March 6, 7:00pm at Lincoln Park Middle School

Climate Summit at UMD: “Will Duluth become a climate refuge city?” March 19-20.  Deanne noted pre-registration is required.

We Are Water exhibit hosted by Fond du Lac Band of LS Chippewa at Great Lakes Aquarium – March 10-April 22nd

FREE DIY Energy-Efficiency Workshop March 13, 6-8:00 at Duluth Folk School

Talk Climate Institute from Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy – March 25-26 at AICHO

Our Planet, Our Future: Environmental Summit (organized by MPIRG), Thrs March 28th, 2:00-8:00 at the DECC, pre-registration encouraged

Upper Midwest Association for Campus Sustainability (UMACS) annual conference is Sept 27-28 at Carleton College in Northfield.  Call for proposals are currently open.

2019 AASHE Conference “Co-Creating a Sustainable Economy” – October 27-30 in Spokane, WA

SWCD Tree Care & Health Training March 21st, 6:00 at Harrison Community Center West Duluth

New Business

LSC’s April 18th Earth Day planning continued.  Kristi suggested we get a solid framework today so a marketing request can be put to Jean for poster design.  An additional planning meeting may be needed in a week or 2.

  • Kristi suggested a theme “Grow at LSC”, with a focus on our new Eco-Entrepreneurship program (E-EP).  Jenna noted perhaps an additional phrase following the title would better clarify the theme. 
  • The Council agreed it might be a nice change to host all events in the Atrium, where Mike can build a hydroponics demo.
  • A large display with E-EP Program details will accompany the hydro/aquaponics display. 
  • Kristi also suggested a make-and-take seed and/or plant station; Mary volunteered to staff that station. 
  • The Council agreed to forego the usual speaker and video.
  • Heather provided guidance on food.  The Council agreed “ants-on-a-log” and variations on the celery snack would be a fun and interactive food offering, in addition to trail mix and a refreshment.  Randy suggested we work with Food Farm to purchase some of their yummy carrots, which would work nicely with the celery fixin’s we’ll offer.  Heather and Kristi will work together on the final grocery list.  Kristi will inquire with Love Creamery to see if they might be able to offer a special Earth themed local ice cream treat.    
  • Kristi will invite our usual community tablers.  Any additional contacts, particularly those relevant to our theme, can be forwarded to Kristi or invited directly.
  • Heather reminded the Council the One Campus book read is “Lab Girl”, and discussions could be offered during the day or week.
  • The Council may solicit names for the LSC farmsite, perhaps offering a prize if a winning name is used.
  • Campus Clean Up will be promoted, as usual.
  • All events will run from 11:00-1:00.

Deanne requested perhaps a small group get together for general sustainability discussions, Randy offered possibly using a shared book read to guide conversations.

Kristi brought the Regional Stormwater Protection Team (RSPT) annual dues of $330 for consideration.  She shared the value we receive in reporting the groups collective outreach, a requirement of our annual MPCA MS4 permit.  With no further discussion, Deanne motioned to pay the dues, Glenn seconded unopposed.

Kristi suggested the Sustainability Council reallocate their summer and FY20 student employee hours to E-EP, as they have not had an opportunity to request hours, and the budget is very tight. Kristi discussed this proposal with Al, an he was in favor.  The E-EP has submitted a formal request outlining the needs, specifically for the first year, and our re-allocation will fulfill almost half that need.  Following discussion, Glenn motioned to formally offer the re-allocation, Dave seconded unopposed.

Glenn briefly outlined the intent and strategy of our annual Miller Creek reforesting effort.  The 2019 St Louis County SWCD tree order is now open.  Glenn put together a $395 order, typical for most years.  Following discussion, Mike M. motioned to purchase trees, Mike F. seconded unopposed.

Mike and Randy outlined the need for LSC Farm naming.  The name should both reflect the educational, community, and growing role of the farm and Mike would like the name to be used in a produce label.  Few ideas were shared.  Send ideas to Kristi for use on Earth Day.

Kristi offered an update on the fall-start Sustainability Distinction cohort.  A marketing package for all three distinctions is being compiled by Virginia Haynes.  We’re trying to keep as many of the deadlines and framework pieces consistent across distinctions, but each will be a bit different.  Application and recommendation forms, once completed, will be sent to all faculty and students.  To fit the timeline of our supplementary activities, Kristi has requested preference be given to applications received by April 15, but we will continue to accept applications until our 10-student limit is reached. 

Related, Kristi and Glenn met with Duluth Collaborative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA), the Duluth Invaders volunteer coordinator, as well as the City of Duluth’s overall volunteer coordinator.  They are very excited to be part of the project, and will provide the training for our students to identify and remove buckthorn in identified project areas, both on campus and in the community.  Students will complete 24 hours of volunteer time per semester.  Additional supply purchase requests will be brought to Council at a later date for consideration.

Parallel, CISMA provides collaboration of identification, mapping and project planning.  They requested we sign an MOU they’ve established, and have offered to help us develop and basic invasive terrestrial plant managed program for the campus.  Kristi shared a copy of both the non-legally binding MOU and CISMA’s comprehensive Terrestrial Invasive Plant Management Plan.  Kristi has also forwarded the MOU request to Al to get his signature approval/support.  The Council agreed the MOU was a good idea, and mutually beneficial.

With respect to meeting time and transparency, Kristi requested a small group of individuals get together to outline a framework for deciding which memberships might be appropriate for the Council/LSC to pursue.  Kristi offered to convene a group after Earth Day to discuss further.

Mark offered preliminary plans for the exterior entrance space on the east end of the S-building, including removal of the rusted red railing.  Citing safety and difficult snow management, that area will be redesigned in the spring.  Kristi shared that the Council had previously worked to improve the soil in that area, and had laid black plastic on the area last spring anticipation of planting this spring. We had also been responsible for maintaining the rocked area and it has been increasingly difficult to keep “tidy” in recent years.  Many ideas to improve the landscaping in that area were shared, including edible landscape, salt tolerant species and even elevated or raised beds.  Jenna and Rady offered examples from UMD, and Randy offered ongoing management experiences in campus raised beds.  Mark agreed the Council should talk to Al about any ideas S-building landscape. 

LSC Wellness/Nature Summer Camp (conversation tabled until April meeting)

Old Business

Work Group and Student Employee Reports

Boris was not present to offer an update on the Café serveware inventory project

Kurt was not present to offer an update on RecycleMania.


FY 19 original budget: $8,450

Encumbrances to date:

  • Prairie Restorations (tansy treatment): $300
  • Menards: $200
  • ShelDon: $140.52
  • 4 Seasons Outdoor Svcs: $ 179
  • AASHE annual dues: $280
  • Printing: $13.42

Balance to-date: $7,287.11

Meeting adjourned, 10:30

Next Meetings

Next regular monthly meeting: Friday April 5th, 9:00 am

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kristi Heintz, 3/4/2019.  Posted to LSC Sustainability Council Blog and Employee Portal Committees page.

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