Meeting Agenda 9/24/2010

September 24th, 2010

9:30 – 11:00

Location:  Student Life Conference Room

Reminder: Paper copies of this agenda will not be provided.


Update on the Environmental Club and SS Day table (Jeri)

Sub-Committee Reports

Climate Action Plan – extension?

These are the main points addressed by the Extension Request

  • Describe your institution’s efforts to meet the deadline and explain why you have been unable to do so

  • Requested Length of Extension : 1, 2, 3 or 4 months?

  • Provide a list of steps you will take to achieve this new target

Friday morning CAP working meetings starting October 8th in place of regular EC meetings? (Deanne)

Old Business

Kristi has set up Requisition for Purchase to Twin Ports Paper & Supply for kitchen compost bags and handed it off to Wade (Wade)

Kevin and Kristi are registered for the Waste Wise Annual Meeting

Water bottle fill stations (Deanne)

Kristi is still working with Jeanine at WM on the disk golf course dumpster.

Kristi updated the ACUPCC Institution Implementation Profile to reflect the change from Mark to Wade and also Dr Nelson to President Johns.

New Business

Budget Report

Date Item (-) Balance
7/1/2010 Beginning FY11 Balance $ 5000
7/9/10 MN Waste Wise Membership dues $ 150 $ 4850
8/24/10 Print/Laminate 2 compost posters p
8/25/10 Print/Laminate 2 energy miser posters p
9/17/10 Waste Wise Annual Meeting Registration for Kevin and Kristi 70.00 $4780

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