Working Remotely


Two Teams have been created to help answer questions, find resources and training sessions/recordings, etc. while we’re working remotely.

Faculty – LSC-Academic Resources-Team

Staff – LSC-Working Remotely-Team

Remote Access:

Remote Access Instructions

LSC has limited licenses for remote access.  To request access, your supervisor or dean will need to submit a IT Help Desk ticket.

To best allocate these licenses, we have created the following structure:

  • Essential employees will have a dedicated license.
  • Essential areas will have a dedicated pool of licensing to share.
  • All others will have a general pool of concurrent licensing for first come, first serve.  As licenses become free, others may use them.

Types of Remote Access:

  • Client
  • Web

Remote Access Applications:

Remote Access is needed if you need access to: 

  • CAP Server or ISRS
  • S & P Drives  (recommend using OneDrive)
  • Image Now
  • Marketplace (Purchase Orders & Contracts)

You do not need remote access for:

  • D2L Brightspace
  • Email
  • O365 (OneDrive, Teams, Office)
  • Zoom
  • VidGrid