Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Instructions


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MFA Information

Multi-factor Authentication Sign In plus Verify equals Access

Minnesota State now has the MFA security feature, also known as “Two-Step Authentication,” for your Office 365 LSC account. Office 365 includes Email, OneDrive, Word, Teams, etc.

What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is extra security to help protect your information and keep the College safe. It does this by requiring more than one method of verifying that it is really you are logging into the account.

You may already use it for your Amazon, Apple, Gmail, or other important accounts.

How Does MFA Work?

Once multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enabled, when you go to sign in to your Microsoft Office 365 account you will be prompted to verify your credentials with a notification sent to your mobile device.

MFA Instructions:

Watch the MFA LSC Video video from above.

  1. Choose between a code sent via text message, a phone call, or using the Microsoft Authenticator App. Go to step 4, if you are not using the Microsoft Authenticator App.
  2. On your phone/mobile device, download or go to the Microsoft Authenticator App
    1. You may skip step 2 if you want a code via
  3. Open the app on your phone/mobile device, configure the app.
    1. Tap on Add your first account
    2. Tap on Work or school account.
    3. Tap Scan QR Code
    4. Tap OK for Authenticator to access your camera
    5. Leave Scan QR code active for now
  4. On a computer, navigate to and click on Enable MF
    1. At the sign-in window, use your and StarID password.Screenshot of login screen
  5. Next, click on
  6. The different options for a secondary factor will appear.
    1. Recommend:
      Choose the mobile app and  receive notifications for verification
    2. Go to step 10, if you are not using the app
  7. Scan the QR code on your computer with your phone/mobile device. Screenshot of scanning QR code
  8. On your computer, click Next.
  9. On your mobile device, tap Approve.
  10. For code to be sent via text or a phone call, select that as your preferred option and enter in your phone number.
  11. Next go to Step 2 & Step 3 to set up additional phone numbers for a call or text, as backup options.
    Screenshot of Additional security verification screen
  12. Click on Done.

You are now set up! 

How to make a change to your preferred verification option:

Screenshot of Additional security verification site with the preferred options displayed

Go to to make the changes.

Screenshot of settings for preferred options

Select a different preferred option and click on Save.

NOTE: You will need to authenticate with the second factor when you do the following tasks:

  1. The first time you use Outlook or Teams on your desktop.
    You may select to “Save your login” on LSC owned computers.
  2. Use Outlook, Teams, O365 applications online, and single-sign-on applications (VidGrid).

Here is how you can check your options!

  1. Go to>Logins>Email & O365
  2. Login to your account and then click on your initials in the top right corner.
  3. Next, click on View my account and Security info
  4. You should then see your MFA settings.\

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