D2L Brightspace FAQs

What’s new in the latest D2L Brightspace version for students and teachers?

The Minnesota State D2L Brightspace Support site will have the most current upgrade information.  The new version information is usually located in the upper right corner.   The Major Features in D2L Upgrades: Jan to Dec 2022 (KA #2350) article has the upgrade information listed for each month. Our D2L system will be updated every month with new features, functions, and problem fixes.  Some of the new features will allow you to turn them on or off until the next upgrade while you learn how they work.

Note: You will need to log into the Minnesota State D2L Brightspace Support site using your StarID@minnstate.edu. These articles are updated as new features are added or changes made to the tool.

How do instructors change the order of quiz questions so students get different ones?

Instructors can randomize questions and create question pools to give students different versions. View How to Randomize all Quiz Questions (KA #1597) and the D2L Community Site Video Create a Quiz with a Randomize Set of Questions

How can instructors see if a student has submitted an assignment?

Using the Assignments Submission Log, instructors can view specific activity for assignment submission folders, including the ability to restore deleted file submissions.  Manage Assignment Submissions (KA #882) starting on page 13.

How do instructors move a discussion thread or post to a different topic?

In Discussions, an instructor can copy a discussion thread, or a post, from one topic to another topic.  In version 10.6.3, it is now also possible for an instructor for copy the thread’s replies when copying it.  Copied threads retain the original author’s name.  View Copy Discussion Threads or Posts KA #1374

How can faculty allow a student an additional quiz attempt on the same quiz in a D2L Brightspace course?

It is now possible to allow an individual student multiple quiz attempts for the same quiz. The override attempts allowed feature is available in the quiz’s Special Access. View Allow 2+ Quiz Attempts for a Student KA #1734