To Tell the Truth!

In class on Monday, we played a game called To Tell the Truth.  Now in this game, we had two people go up in the front of the class telling us that when they were little they had a burnt marshall lodged into their eye!  Now, only one of these students actually had this occur, making the other one a big liar!  This game was tons of fun.

Now the person I think was telling the truth was Garth.  I think this for three reasons.  Reason one being that Garth seemed pretty at ease with the answers he gave.  He didn’t stutter, look at his hands, nor look down.  Since neither of these boys are professional liars, I would safetly bet that Greg, who was not at ease, was in fact lying.

The second reason I came to this conclusion was due to the fact that Garth had alot of detail to his responses.  Greg, who answered every question, did so with a “vague” answer.  Garth knew specifics.  For example, Garth knew alot of details about the place in which the accident in question occured. 

But the third reason is the reason that I confidently came to this conclusion.  Someone asked Greg how old he was when this occurance happened.  He responded, “Um, I was about 12.”  I asked Greg if he had glasses at the time of this accident.  His response was no.  Someone else then proceeded to ask him how old he was when he started to wear glasses, and he said 3rd grade.  Now unless I heard wrong, or unless 12-years-old is the new 3rd grade age, I would have to conclude that Greg is a liar, making Garth the one who….Told the Truth!

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  1. amfalkow April 7, 2010

    Yea, I agree the detail helped show who was lying and who wasn’t.

  2. Jennie Magnuson April 7, 2010

    Wow. Great observations there! I’m not sure everyone caught that one. I don’t think I would have caught it if I were here. Sounds like it was lots of fun! Everyone’s blog that I’ve read so far seems to think it was Garth but you have legit reasons and make me believe that Garth was telling the truth and I wasn’t even here!

  3. alpiazza April 7, 2010

    yeah, the whole glasses thing definitely made me second guess things….

  4. Steve April 7, 2010

    You’ve definitely got some good support.

  5. nipickar April 7, 2010

    Garth definitely paid more attention to detail, but I thought it was all part of this master plan. That goes to show you how much I know ha.

  6. nipickar April 7, 2010

    Nevermind haha, I guess it was Greg!


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