Santa: friend or foe?

For my mock research project, I was thinking about exploring the whole idea of Santa Clause.  I’m about to purpose that we, as a society, should be putting a warrant out for Santa’s arrest, which I’m sure is going to land me a spot on the “naughty” list!!  Some information that I was going to use to support this is the fact that this guy once a year breaks into every single person’s house.  I mean, I don’t know about you, but that is not acceptable.  Also, the fact that we warn our kids not to take candy from strangers, and then this guy comes in offering our children tons of treats…?  Suspious!  If I do say so myself.  Also, he is not even a good role model.  We live in a day where obesity is a problem.  Maybe this is because our “hero”  is a overly obese man in a red suit.  Think about it…..  🙂

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  1. Matt March 29, 2010

    yeah your right away santa clause haha.I guess i never thought about him the way you pointed out

  2. Jill March 29, 2010

    This is funny! How did you think of that?!

  3. Jared March 29, 2010

    When you put it that way santa really sounds like a kreepy fellow,haha.

  4. trlevitt March 29, 2010

    That’s a great idea! That pretty much made my day there 🙂

  5. alpiazza March 29, 2010

    haha, in this modern day and age ya cant be too careful with your kids!

  6. Nick March 29, 2010

    haha this is a good one, I like!

  7. Garth March 29, 2010

    The thing about Santa is he eats cookies. Cookies that you make. Cookies that you make and put out for him. Those cookies he WILL eat, it’s his law. If anyone wants to stop this menace it’s pretty simple if you ask me.


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