Chapter 4 Quotes

However, not all communities follow this model, and many of the arguments we participate in will make use of nonrational appeals (Berndt and Muse 138). I found this quote to be interesting because the authors are telling the reader that arguing as an effort to inquire can easily result in untrue data and facts. Arguing to inquire can be a sensitive process that should be approached in a professional way. Because visual arguments, especially advertisements, are aimed at us on a daily basis and affect the way we choose to live our lives, we need to get in the habit of viewing them critically and with awareness of their goals (Berndt and Muse 154). I found this quote to be interesting because people can be heavily persuaded in a positive direction by almost any commercial. If you are considering a product offered via commercial or a visual argument, it would be benificial to analyze what is really being offered and at what quality the product or service is.

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