Chapter 3 Quotes

I found the Omelas story to be somewhat interesting in sort of strange way. Often the young people go home in tears, or in a tearless rage, when they have seen the child and faced this terrible paradox (Le Guin 93). This was kind of a weird and imaginative story in which the problems of this “self-created” city were harnessed and locked away in this child. The rest of the chapter was ridiculous. It almost seems like it were written in the 90’s. Consider what keywords you will use before you conduct your search (Berndt and Muse 99). Are they being serious? I found a lot of other text that was just as “cave man” as this. This, however, was the quote I picked.

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  1. dabro05 February 13, 2009

    I read that same story and found it very moving. Howver I can see where you’re comming frome.

  2. steve February 13, 2009

    Yes, sometimes the obvious is a bit ridiculous in print; yet it’s surprising how ineffectual people’s research skills are sometimes. A little obvious common sense is not always a bad thing for some.


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