I watched the innaguration of Barrack Obama on CNN. There were a couple of musical performences including Urethra Franklin and Yoyo Ma. I learned that the whole innaguration doesn’t last very long and it seemed like a fairly standard political happening. I enjoyed when Urethra Franklin was hitting the crazy notes. It made me laugh and I want that to be my ringtone. I didn’t like how boring the entire thing was. I found it to be very hard to sit there and listen to the presidents speech. It didn’t necesarily affect my idea of citizenship as it did reenforce it. To me it seemed like the cliche for America.

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  1. Chandra Parrish January 21, 2009

    Urethra Franklin sure can sing! I would agree that she would make a great ringtone.

  2. Carmen January 23, 2009

    Did you like Aretha’s hat? Hoo boy.


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