Deathly Hallows Anyone?

True story.� My seventeen-year-old daughter couldn’t wait for our pre-ordered copy from Amazon on Saturday.� She bought one just after Midnight early Saturday morning, came home and had it ready by 8:17 a.m.� She was possibly the first to finish in the Central Standard Time Zone.� (This is the girl who, at age eight, read the first HP in 24 hours.� It only took her that long because we made her go to bed for awhile.)

My wife and I had no idea.� We were up drinking our morning coffee when she stumbled out of her room still dressed from the day before.� “It is finished,” she said, her voice strained with emotion.

“Do you need a hug?” I said.

She immediately came for the hug (from her mother) and burst into tears.� After things settled down, she claimed it was good, but the ending was “stupid.”� STUPID is her word for anything that doesn’t quite fit her idea of the way things are supposed to be, so I’m not taking it as a negative endorsement.

Our Amazon copy was in the mail box by noon.� I’m about 150 pages into it.� I’m hooked, but alas, I must grade my Adolescent Lit essays and exams by Tuesday!� Pronto graderamus!

Errr…I need to be back to Hogwarts.

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2 Responses to Deathly Hallows Anyone?

  1. Your Doting Daughter says:

    I like the classic Harry “Errr…”.

  2. jsmaier says:

    I ashamedly love Harry Potter. This causes riotous laughter from some of my friends and a few sideways glances, but I really don’t care. My sister thinks it’s evil witchcraft (which I find extremely uproarious.) Little does she know I dabbled in Wicca at one time. Lol. I was dying for the new movie to come out because I just can’t get enough of that underdog at Hogwarts.

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