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Q: What does “single stream” recycling mean?

A: In ALL of blue bins labeled with a recycling symbol AND the 3 compartment sorters, we recycle  items as “single stream”.  This means we, as a waste producer, can put all of our acceptable recyclable materials in one bin.

Q: What can be recycled in those bins?

A: In these bins, we can recycle:

  • #1 through #7 plastics, aluminum, glass, paper, magazines, and tin.

In separate receptacles, we recycle:

  • cardboard
  • plastic wrap/plastic bags and other “soft plastics”.  This is paid for and processed completely separate from the rest of our recycling.  Airpark Disabilities Services picks up and locally sorts this plastic every other week.  The plastic is baled, sent to Trex and made into tree-free outdoor products.  LSC recycles almost 275 pounds of soft plastic annually!
  • laser, ink, and toner cartridges and cell phones

Q: I heard LSC has a re-use system for office supplies.  Is that for anyone?

A: Any LSC employee may drop off or pick-up office supplies.   This cabinet is only for supplies purchased with LSC funding (not items from home).  The cabinet is located in the Copy Center, all you have to do is write down what you take.  This information is used to track how much money we’re saving.  In 3 years, the room has saved the college over $6,000 in what would be new supply purchases!

Q: I have some old electronics at home that I’d like to get rid of.  Can LSC get rid of them for me?

A: No. Well, not always.  LSC does periodically sponsor community ELECTRONICS and APPLIANCE recycling collection day with 5R Processors right here on our campus.  Past events have collected and responsibly disposed of almost 7,000 pounds of electronic waste for FREE.  Please note, there will NOT be an event in 2014.

Q: Can I recycle batteries here?

A: No.  But here is a helpful disposal guide from WLSSD (Western Lake Superior Sanitary District)  on what is and is not recyclable.  If you work at LSC, email: for guidance on proper disposal of campus-related batteries.

 WLSSD has lots of information on recycling household wastes, too.  Check it out here.

Q: We compost? Where and how can I compost my leftover lunch?

A: In the Atrium under the stairs, we have 4 huge compost bins.  Worm composting, or vermiculture, uses red wiggler worms to turn all of LSC’s pre-consumer kitchen scraps into nutrient rich soil. The soil is then used to start seedlings for  LSC’s annual plant sale.

You can help!  The bins are covered to conserve moisture, so simply lift the lid and toss your food in.  Any food placed in the bins needs to be buried so the worms can do their job; there’s usually a shovel located near the bins if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.  **Please don’t put any wrappers, meat scraps, or dairy products in the bins, as these items may create a foul odor as they break down.  The plastic bags you see in the bins are compostable.  Oh, and worms love coffee grounds!



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