Student Background Study and Health Document Requirements

Lake Superior College
Allied Health and Nursing Division
Workforce Development
Student Background Study and Health Document Requirements

Lake Superior College requires background studies for students in all Allied Health and Nursing programs and in healthcare related Workforce Development programs and courses prior to final acceptance into the program or course.  Acceptance into one of these programs/courses is conditional upon successful completion of required background checks.  Once you have received notification of acceptance to your program/course, you will be required to complete the background studies required by that program/course.

Students are required to provide documentation of health assessment and immunization status as required by the specific health program/course and the site of the student’s clinical experience.  Please refer to your program/course information for health assessment and immunization documentation requirements.  The required Health Occupation Programs History and Physical Examination form is available at

Students are required to sign the LSC Authorization for Release of Student Information form, authorizing LSC to release background studies and health documents information to clinical sites providing clinical experience for LSC students.  LSC does not seek alternate clinical sites in situations where the clinical site denies student clinical participation based on background or health document information.

Failure to complete the program/course required background studies, health assessment documentation, and immunization documentation in compliance with the date stated by the program/course may result in the suspension of your acceptance to the program/course.  Final acceptance to the program/course and program/course progression is conditional upon successful completion of requirements for background studies and health documents.

Successful completion of background study requirements is defined as completion of all required background studies resulting in no discrepancies or criminal behavior which may prevent student participation at a clinical site.  Students may forfeit the right to any refund if final program/ course acceptance is not granted due to background study findings or failure to meet all health document requirements.

• Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services background clearance decisions are made solely within that department, with no involvement of Lake Superior College.  Student disqualification appeals are made directly to the Department of Health and Human Services, with no involvement of Lake Superior College.

• If you have been arrested, charged, or convicted of any criminal offense, you should investigate the impact that the arrest, charge, or conviction may have on your chances of employment in the field you intend to study.
• Even though you have met background study requirements for final admission into a program/course and are satisfactorily progressing, it is important you are aware that your participation in required clinical courses may not be possible should a clinical site deny your participation at that site based on any past arrests, charges, or convictions.  In this situation, LSC is not responsible for seeking an alternate clinical site and you may be prevented from completing your program/course.

Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services Background Study:
• A Minnesota Department of Health and Student Services background study is required annually for Allied Health and Nursing Programs (including Nursing Assistant) and for healthcare related Workforce Development programs/courses, with the exception of the Massage Therapist program.  A student background study is not required for the Massage Therapist program.
• Dialysis Patient Care Technician students’ state background studies are not required until a clinical internship site is chosen.
• Minnesota Department of Human Services Background Study Application Instructions are located on the program web page.  Application requires a non-refundable fee of $20.00, in addition to the entry of personal and credit or debit card information.  User name and password information required to access the application website will be provided by your program director at the time required for your program.

State of Wisconsin Caregiver Background Study:
• A Wisconsin Caregiver background study is required only for students participating in a clinical experience in the state of Wisconsin.
• The State of Wisconsin Caregiver background study form is available via the link located on this site.  A $10.00 fee, payable to LSC, is required for this study.  To apply for this study, please submit your completed form, along with your payment for your $10.00 fee, to the Allied Health Administrative Assistant, who will process your application.

Note:  Students participating in a clinical experience in states other than MN and WI will be required to complete additional background studies at their own cost, if required by the clinical site.

National Criminal Background Study:
• A national criminal background study is required by some clinical sites. Students assigned to a clinical site requiring a criminal study will be informed of this requirement prior to the start of the clinical experience and will be provided the clinical site’s preferred background study vendor name and contact information.  The student is responsible for arranging for the national criminal study, providing screening results to the clinical site, and for all costs associated with the required study.  The decision to accept or not accept a student for a clinical site experience is entirely at the discretion of the clinical site.